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Being 4-legged is so overrated…

Due to complications from an infected back paw, my mom had to make the difficult decision to put down her dog Rocket, a dog that I grew up with and was Chloe’s (foster) ‘sister’ dog.  Honestly, I believed that she would outlive my 3-legged goofball, even though she was only a few months older.  Life doesn’t always turn out how you expect, so its important to appreciate every moment.  To honor her memory, I put a little tribute video together of every digital photo/video I could find of her and many are with Chloe.

We love you Rocket and we know that you are in a better, pain free, place.

I will remember you Rocket.
I will remember the time when you and Chloe first met,
how you became ‘sisters’, and took on the role of the bossy older one.
I will remember all the times I took you and Chloe to the dog park,
how you loved meeting other dogs and drooling all over the place (and my pants).
I will remember how you HATED walking on grass or dirt and preferred to walk on pavement,
even though you were a dog and dogs are supposed to love getting dirty.
I will remember how gentle you were with my brother’s mischievous cat
who always liked to play-attack your legs and tail, but you never fought back.
I will remember how you eventually discovered ‘squirrels’ and ‘lizards’
were animals worth trying to chase.
I will remember how you always loved being around you sister Chloe,
even when we came home to visit and all couches were Chloe’s to take.
I will remember all the walks we took, the adventures we had, how sweet you were,
and how you will be missed by us all.
I will remember you Rocket.

Posted by on August 15th, 2013 at 2:41 pm

7 Responses to “Goodbye Sweet Rocket: Tripawd Chloe’s best doggie friend”
  1. 1
      maximutt says:

    I’m sorry to hear that you, your Mom, and Chloe have lost Rocket. She looked like a great gal! Lovely video, it was evident how much Rocket and Chloe loved each other.

    • 3
        Chloes mom says:

      Thank you. I do wonder how Chloe will react when we go home to visit in a couple weeks. It will be sad to see her look around the house for Rocket 🙁

  2. 5
      fourminipups says:

    So sorry. Special thoughts for all of you. What a beautiful tribute for her and what wonderful memories you have.


    Luanne and Shooter

  3. 7
      jerry says:

    A beautiful tribute for a beautiful life. How blessed you were to have such love (and fluffy tail!) in your pack. I’m so sorry Nicole & Chloe, my heart goes out to you.

  4. 9
      Michelle says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Beautiful tribute

    Michelle & Sassy

  5. 11
      benny55 says:

    That was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful vibrant dog who cleary wagged her way throigh life and always with a smile on her face.

    The bond between the two is so evident. Clearly Chloe will feel the void as you all will. I wish Chloe could “watch” the tribute. She would really appreciate the memories you’ve captured so well. Rocket would be so pleased to see their bond memorialized in this video.

    Rocket reached out and touched js all. Her willingness to let Chloe come nto “her” ho e and take over—her willingnesss to share her toys—her willingness to lay side by side as they eached played with their Kong toy and not try to get the other’s toy—all so remarkable. Such a testament to them both!

    Rocket, I heard that in your honor, a piece of heaven has been paved in concrete so you never have to walk on dirt again. I also heard that these concrete walkways are llined with trees full of squirrels:-)

    To all of Rocket’s family, we can easily see why this dog stole your hearts from day ne
    Thank you so much for sharing your beloved Rocket with us. Her life mattered. The bright light she brought to each of you can NEVER be dimmed.

    Holding you gently in our hearts tonight.

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    • 13
        Chloes mom says:

      Wow Sally and Happy Hannah, you never cease to amaze me with your wonderful and touching words! I’m going to copy/paste your comment and send it to my mom since I know she would really appreciate reading it as well. Thank you so much for your support during this time.