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Hello Tripawd Community!

For those of you who haven’t seen this in the forums, I know its been so long since I last posted, but Chloe had her yearly checkup last week and the vet said that the small, hard, lump on her remaining hind limb is suspicious (found it a couple months ago)…

 Mind you she is 12 yrs old and has 3 lipomas, 2 little warts, and a skin tag, all benign, but this lump needs to be biopsied/removed to check for malignancy.  2.5 years ago she was diagnosed with a non excisable cancer, (LARGE spindle cell sarcoma tumor) that wouldn’t respond well to chemo or radiation, so ergo she lost a leg to provide an ‘instant cure’. However, dramatic solutions like that are no longer viable options. So lets keep hoping for benign!


Her yearly bloodwork/physical indicated that she is in otherwise excellent health for her age, which is really good news, so I just ask that from today until I get the phone call about her lab results to please think pawsitive thoughts for Chloe! We are hoping for a trifecta of  1. surgery/anaesthesia goes well 2. recovery from procedure goes well (minus cone of shame) and 3. that the lab results indicate the lump is BENIGN or that any follow up treatments don’t require chemo or radiation.  As a personal decision, I wouldn’t want to put her through either of those last options considering all the little things we deal with on a daily basis like scary train noises, slippery floors, hob-a-long walks… so if faced with unfavorable results, I would want to make her as comfortable and as spoiled as possible.  Thank you and I’ll be nervously trying to do thesis work in a local coffee shop during her procedure/wake up sleepy time period.

P.S. The lump is along the hairline of her upper back right leg (transition between outer leg and inner leg), is about the size of a large pea and is under the skin. Its not on muscle or connective tissue, so there is a good margin for excision.

Think happy dog thoughts for Chloe today! 

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Posted by on May 13th, 2013 at 5:00 am

8 Responses to “Fingers Crossed and Pawsitve Thoughts for Dog Surgery Today!”
  1. 1
      benny55 says:

    You bet we are keeping all paws crossed for our sweet Chloe:-) 🙂 You can just see the sweetness all over her beautiful face:-) 🙂

    What an inspiration she s!! Three years amp coming up—–now that’s gonna be a party!

    She is a strong dog who is clearly enjoying life and has no intention of going anywhere but staying by your side:-) 🙂 And being by your side is like being next to move that’s very healing for her:-)

    Love to see more pictures of your beautiful Chloe!

    Post to us as soon as you can and we are all surrounding you with supportive eneegy:-) 🙂

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    • 3
        Chloes mom says:

      Thanks so much for your kind words and thoughts Sally & Happy Hannah!

      After all she’s gone through shes GOTTA stick around for a few years longer! Just got a good news call from the vet saying the procedure went well, I’ll post to the forums right now 🙂

  2. 5
      princess says:

    Glad to hear surgery went well.

    Every time I hear “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” I think of Chloe and that awesome video you did of her. It was so inspirational.

    We’ll keep everything crossed for B9!

    Karen and Spirit Magnum

    • 7
        Chloes mom says:

      Karn & Spirit Magnum,
      Oh I’m glad you like her 2yr Ampuversary video! I love that song and think of Chloe too whenever I hear it too, lol. Thanks for keeping pawsitive thoughts for Chloe!

  3. 9
      fourminipups says:

    Sending the most super positive thoughts ever for Chloe. You’re a fighter – keep kickin some behind!!

    • 11
        Chloes mom says:

      Thank you so much! Greatly appreciated!

  4. 13
      jerry says:

    I’m SO hoppy the tumor wasn’t cancer! YAYYY!!!!!