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Being 4-legged is so overrated…

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This morning Chloe and I took a misty walk around the neighborhood. Not quite ‘rain’ but enough to form beads of moisture on my jacket. We immediately walked back inside to don some rain gear. You can see in the video below, Chloe has a nice water resistant vest (lined with fleece) under her Ruff Wear harness. I just wore my turquoise Marmot shell over my REI fleece. Not sure if either of us would survive a torrential rain storm (I was in cotton pants), but it did the job!  Also, this video didn’t quite capture the light ‘mist’ raining down on us…but it did capture her favored tripawd pace 🙂

Chloe just finished a 3 week oral steroid treatment and 1.5 week Prilosec antacid regimen in order to ‘tackle’ her ongoing inflammation/gulping issue (see previous posts Foxtail in the Hound 2 and Part 2 cont). Recap: Chloe had a check up last week (for the gulping) and the vet said that if nothing we did helped to manage the situation, additional and costly diagnostic tests would be encouraged as the next step.  Unfortunately with my student budget, I didn’t think I could shell out thousands more than I already had.  I was mentally preparing myself for living with her ‘gulping’ as long as it continued at the same rate and her condition didn’t degrade.  Today, I am happy to say that she is gulping less and that she is still her happy, bubbly, perky self! I hope that this promising road continues! Be sure to check out my previous post celebrating Chloe’s 2 year ampuversary!!!!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the olympics, I sure have! On my other blog (predominately about running), I have decided to cover the women’s US soccer games (taking screen shots while I watch on nbc and I am happy to report that they are on their way to the semi-finals! Go team USA!

To check out my other blog, click the link Masters2Marathons. Thanks and have a great weekend everyone!

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Posted by on August 3rd, 2012 at 12:24 pm

2 Responses to “Summer Shower”
  1. 1
      Dakota Dawg says:

    I still wonder if this has turned into sort of a learned behavior (habit?) for Chloe. I have seen this kind of thing with both of my kids, when it was hard to terminate whatever behavior resulted from a true physical problem. Does that make sense? For my youngest especially, distraction and replacement with preferred activities works best. Maybe Chloe thinks the same. Maybe she’ll do the behavior less if you give her a bunch of expensive, designer treats and bones to work on.

    Whatever is going on, it’s good to know that she seems no worse for the wear. I hope she continues to improve and this is a distant memory in a few weeks.


  2. 3
      Chloes mom says:

    Thats what the vet and I also wonder….. which is why we have her on alprazolam (chill pill) everyday since she is prone to anxiety. We want to try to kick the possible nervous habit she might have developed from dealing with a painful throat.