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Being 4-legged is so overrated…

So today was the BIG day!!!  Chloe and I walked for 60 other dogs (listed on the back of my shirt) at the K9 Cancer Walk in Los Gatos, CA!  This event was hosted by the Morris Animal Foundation:

The K9 Cancer Walk program raises funds and awareness for the Canine Cancer Campaign… Participating in one of these walks is a great way to memorialize a beloved dog lost to cancer and create a brighter tomorrow for your current companion. Half of all dogs will be affected by cancer—but together, we can beat this disease.

To Los Gatos: We had to take the scary 17 freeway full of winding, sharp turns, and people driving way too fast, so I wasn’t sure if we were going to even make it! However, this trecherous drive did have its silver lining or more like redwood lining…We got to drive through some wonderful redwoods along the way! With the windows rolled down you could just smell the warm sun and the essence of redwood drifting through the air.  A mere 40 minutes later and we were in Los Gatos!!  Finding Vasona Park was rather easy and it was certainly a beautiful setting for a K9 Cancer Walk!

Walking in:  So at first we weren’t sure what kind of place this was exactly with clowns everywhere!  We then figured out it was for their team spirit… still kind of scary!!

Checking in:  Chloe got a special bandana when we checked in. It was a yellow one that said “SURVIVOR” because she is a cancer survivor!  I got a snazzy blue shirt!

Metting the other Tripawd Members: Chloe and I were getting ready to check out the booths (in order to get free stuff) when lo and behold, we saw some people wearing Tripawd Bandanas! It was Spirit Cherry’s family with their new poodle Avvy!  They told me that they might actually start calling her Chloe, so that would be cool!  Even though Avvy herself is not a tripawd, she walked for Cherry and all the other tripawds who couldn’t be there!  Avvy’s family told me that she will be getting her “big girl” cut soon.  No more snowball Avvy!!!  I have to say, she was quite soft!

The Pugapalooza:  Shortly after meeting with Avvy, we spotted another person sporting a Tripawd Bandana!  It was Karen with the pugapalooza!  Obie is the one sticking his tongue out and Tani is in the blue (Spirit Maggie’s sister).  So adorable those pugs!!  By the way, Karen was on the ready for spreading the word about the Tripawd website!  We spotted a pug with a left rear amputation and Karen was generous enough to give them a Tripawd bandana and a card to check out the website.  Now that is some good advertising!!!

We also got to meet Travis Ray at the GSD Rescue tent! I didn’t get to snag a picture of him because he and his owner were making rounds… However Chloe and I both got to meet him briefly and were glad to meet such a sweet dog!

Here is a movie of the Tripawds before the walk!

The procession of walkers!  Eek more clowns!

Chloe and I walking.

Chloe and Avvy walking.

After we finished the walk we met Honey’s family!  They were all very sweet and wanted pictures of Chloe and the back of my shirt (which has Honey’s name on the back).  Soon after, we got to meet the biggest tripawd we had ever seen, Cemil!!!  Here is a picture of the whole Tripawd Pack!

So we spent some time getting to know all the other people and doggies (in the shade of course!), which was awesome!  It really is nice to meet the people behind the doggie avatars… yes they really do exist!  All in all, we had a great time walking for all the dogs listed on my shirt and we will be sure to do this again next year if they have it!  And did I mention that many people wanted to take pictures of Chloe?  She was quite the star at the walk!  Who can blame her, she is a cancer surviving Tripawd!!! And she’s adorable!    Lastly, we had a group of 8-12 yr old girls come up to Chloe to pet her.  One said “Awww, she only has 3 legs how sad…”.  I said, “No, not sad. Its a good thing because she is a cancer survivor and is cancer free again!”.  This seemed to do the trick since they immediately turned their frowns upside down and one exclaimed, “She’s soo cool!!!”.  Being a tripawd is nothing to be sad about!! It is something to celebrate especially if they are cancer free like Chloe!!!

But we aren’t done yet: Here is a picture of all the free stuff we got! Chloe will be stylin’ with all those nice bandanas!

This is what Chloe had to say about cancer:

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16 Responses to “K9 Cancer Walk in Los Gatos!”
  1. 1
      maggie says:

    Soooooooooooooo cool!!!! Thought of all of you today on your walk! I wore my Chloe t-shirt today in rememberance of it going on! I remembered! Maggie and I went for a walk with her best bud, Woodie. You guys had a great day for it! So great you got to put real faces and dogs to the avatar’s 🙂

    Tracy & Maggie back here in Maine wishing we could of joined in!

    • 3
        Chloes mom says:

      We are so glad to hear you did your own walk!!! Even though you were across the country, I am sure you had a great time!!! Hopefully the Morris Animal Foundation does this again next year!!!

  2. 5
      cemil says:

    Even though we didn’t walk the entire walk, it was fun to meet the new Tripawd pawrents and catch up with our old friends. Cemil and I had fun too.


    • 7
        Chloes mom says:

      It was great to meet Cemil! He’s such a big, sweet boy!

  3. 9
      fightingforsammy says:

    Aw, Chloe’s mom, how awesome. I thought about you today and was hoping you would post the results. This all looks so neat! Except the clowns, I too get a little chilled looking at them. It’s funny because my grandmother is a professional clown, still… LOL!
    I am so glad you did this, it really looks like a nice time was had by all. Great job for kicking cancer butt! Way to go Chloe 🙂
    Elizabeth and Sammy

    • 11
        Chloes mom says:

      Chloe and I hope Sammy can kick cancer’s butt too with his chemo treatments!!!

  4. 13
      Mackenzie's Mom says:

    This is so awesome!! Been thinking about you all weekend! Brings tears to my eyes just looking at these wonderful photos and videos of all of our tripawd heroes and their families. We are so proud of you Chloe! It’s great to see Avvy – what a beautiful girl! Of course the Pugaloosas and Cemil – couldn’t get any better than that! I love Chloe’s picture at the end – sums up everything perfectly! Thank you Nicole for representing all of us – it’s a great honor! Ok, so now where is the picture of you wearing your awesome T-shirt??? Did I miss it??

    • 15
        Chloes mom says:

      Hehe, well I didn’t take one of me in it. I do have a picture of Chloe and I together, but Chloe is standing in front of my shirt and my face is partly shaded…

  5. 17
      Ginger says:

    Wow, Chloe! What a great day! You are 100% right. It is not sad to be a tripawd. It is a good thing because that means that we will be around a lot longer than if our pack had given up on us. How cool for you to meet other dogs from this site. You made us all very, very proud today. I just love the face you are making at cancer. Take that, you stupid, ugly disease! You can’t get me down!!!

    • 19
        Chloes mom says:

      We are glad to have made you proud 😀 We hope Ginger continues to do well!!! So glad she showed Barney who’s boss 🙂

  6. 21
      Sadie's mom says:

    I took Sadie’s sister Athena for a walk this morning. With everything that was going on around here, I forgot it was your big day. Now I understand why so many of the neighborhood dogs came out to say hi to Athena! They wanted to show their support too. I’m so glad you had a great day!

    • 23
        Chloes mom says:

      Yay!!! Glad the doggie 6th sense came into play during your walk! All the spirit tripawds and quadpawds must have let them know!!!

      We were very honored to walk for your angel Sadie Bear too!!!

  7. 25
      cometdog says:

    LOVE IT! That looked like an super pawsome event!
    Thanks for taking video and pics Nicole! And thanks for putting us on your tee!

  8. 27
      jerry says:

    Oh Nicole, what a great day! How totally cool that you guys all got to meet eachother in pawson and walk in the name of cancer heroes. We are tremendously honored by everyone’s enthusiasm and attendance. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  9. 29
      Carmen (Catie's Mom) says:

    Looks like you and Chloe had a great time. Well done!

  10. 31
      Fortisdad says:

    Way to go Nicole and Chloe! You two are amazing. Thanks so much for walking for Fortis and all the other tripawd heroes. The videos and pictures were wonderful.